Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. General Terms

  • a)  The Hall will be unlocked by the caretaker, or by arrangement with him, and the times of the booking must be strictly adhered to. In order to comply with the Music, Singing Dancing license, all evening functions MUST CEASE at 11.30pm PROMPT, and the hall must be cleared and secured by midnight.
  • b)  The charge for booking the hall is £15 per hour. Bookings should be made using the Hallmaster booking system which can be found on our website. A deposit will be added to your invoice. All invoices should be paid 28 days prior to the date of the booking. The deposit will be returned following the successful inspection of the Hall by its representative. Any additional costs for damages or repairs etc associated with the event will be invoiced directly to the Hirer or deducted from the deposit.
  • c)  Whetstone Memorial Hall is let on the understanding that any duly appointed representative of the Trustees has full right of entry to the Hall at any time. Should the Trustees or their representative visit the hall before a function commences and be of the opinion that the event is likely to be of an objectionable or undesirable nature, then the representative is duly empowered to cancel the booking and any hire fees previously paid will be returned. The Trustees shall not be liable for any subsequent claims made by the hirer. The Hirer will be held responsible for any damages or misuse caused to any furniture or fittings and should ensure that the Hall is left clean and tidy i.e. floor swept.
  • d)  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to remove all rubbish from the premises and site. Failure to comply with this term will incur a charge for the removal which will be deducted from the Hirers Damage Deposit. PLEASE NOTE. Under no circumstances should selotape or sticky tabs be used on the walls. Should it be essential that notices etc be put up, please use a small amount of Blue-Tack only.

2. Conduct of Patrons

The Hirer will be held responsible for the proper conduct of persons using the hall and ensure that no annoyance or inconvenience to any person or neighbouring property shall be caused. If such a problem should arise the Hirer must take all necessary steps to deal with the offender. The Hirer must also ensure that Maximum number of people as specified by the Music, Singing and Dancing license is not exceeded; i.e. 175 persons close seated or 150 for dancing.

3. Loss of property (Indemnity)

The Trustees will not under any circumstances accept responsibility for or liability in respect of, any damage to, or loss of any property whatever left on the premises by the Hirer. The Hirer shall indemnify the Trustees against all claims, or proceedings in respect of any default or injury however or by whoever caused to any persons, which shall occur whilst such person is in or on any part of the hall property.

4. Use of kitchen

All equipment and crockery is to be left in a clean condition and any breakages reported to the caretaker. The Trustees have no objection to outside caterers being used by the Hirer. Please make sure that the fridge is empty and all rubbish is taken away. We request that at Children’s parties any food is served/consumed in the Annex part of the Hall.

No electrical or gas fitting must be alterered, removed or interfered with in any way or additional fittings or appliances installed without prior approval of the Trustees.

5. Sale of liquor

The Memorial Hall does not have a license but the Trustees raise no objection to a Hirer making an application for a Temporary license providing they are notified in advance and sent a copy of the license. The Bar must close at least 30 minutes before the end of the function in question and no later than 11.00pm at any evening function.

6. Fire Risks

The Trustees operate a strict NO SMOKING policy within the hall (this includes the use of e-cigarettes). At the time of booking the Hirer must notify the Trustees of any factor which involves extra fire risk. In case of a fire the building must be vacated immediately and the fire reported to the Fire Service by dialling 999. The Hirer should make themselves aware of all Fire Exits and Appliances and ensure that they are kept clear at all times.

Before leaving the Hall please make sure that ALL lights in the main Hall, Back Stage and Toilets are switched off; All windows are closed and curtains left open; All furniture should be returned to the Annexe and that toilets have been flushed.

The Trustees thank you for your co-operation in this matter.